News about "The Voice of America" that is not about the Voice of America (VOA).

Posted: 14 Nov 2015   Print   Send a link

The Guardian, 10 Nov 2015, Tara Conlan and Jasper Jackson: “An ongoing legal dispute over who created the format for The Voice threatens to cast a cloud over the show’s anticipated move to ITV from the BBC. Next month, a court in the US will set a date for a trial to hear claims by Irishman Roy Barry that he came up with the idea rather than Dutch production company Talpa Media. Barry alleges that in 2008 he filed a copyright for a talent show called The Voice of America in which the judges were behind screens so they could not see contestants, and also registered a domain name for The Voice of America. Barry claims he lodged the idea with a platform in the US used by the television industry to find new ideas called The Writers’ Vault. … Barry contacted the BBC once the corporation bought The Voice four years ago but the corporation said the issue was between him and Talpa and that their executives had not seen his original idea.”