With the end of 2012 comes the end of shortwave from Voice of Croatia, and CVC to Africa.

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North American ShortWave Association Yahoo! group, 27 Dec 2012, Steve (shortwavereport): "I received a letter in the post yesterday from CVC Media 1 Africa. They explained about their new Platforms forr reaching their audience including 100 FM radio stations across Africa. They also said 'It is against this background that we felt the need to intensify our efforts on these new platforms that we sadly have to cease our SW broadcasts as from the 31st of December 2012'." -- Parent organization is UK-based Christian Vision, which previously closed its shortwave facilities in Australia (the former Radio Australia near Darwin) and Chile.

Voice of Croatia website, 26 Dec 2012: "The Voice of Croatia would like to inform you that as of the 1st of January 2013, this program will no longer be broadcast on short wave. You will still be able to hear us on medium wave in Europe, via satellite and on the internet worldwide." "[T]he transmitting costs are not corresponding to number of listeners who are using shortwave as reception method," per email to Richard D'Angelo from János Römer, assistant program director.

North American ShortWave Association Yahoo! group, 27 Dec 2012, Steve (shortwavereport): "I received Volume 47 Number 4 (Fall 2012 issue) of the Family Radio News magazine. A letter on Page 17 is entitled 'An Urgent Prayer Request!'. It states in part "The expenses for operating our international services are very great, and our income is not able to keep up with these expenses. We are faced with the possibility of shutting down our shortwave broadcasts: which of course, we do not want to do.' ... In recent years Family Radio International has utilized not only WYFR but many relay sites around the world to reach their audience. I never counted how much time they leased on other transmitters but I would guess that it was at least a half dozen sites throughout Asia and the Pacific. In a recent check of the HFCC Public files I could only find them using WYFR in Florida and sites in Taiwan. I assume the Taiwan sites may be connected with Radio Taiwan International using WYFR's Florida site. Perhaps they exchange transmitter time. But in any case it appears that Family Radio's International Broadcasts may be at risk." -- WYFR's license dates back, through various owners, to pioneering US shortwave broadcaster WRUL, later WNYW, known in the 1960s for its Radio New York Worldwide.

RadioActivity blog, 27 Dec 2012, Adrian M. Peterson: "During the entire coming year, 2013, programming in the AWR [Adventist World Radio] DX program, 'Wavescan', will be concentrated upon the radio broadcasting scene on the continent of Africa, including nearby islands and the Middle East. Tentative planning for the scheduling of radio features includes a historic rundown of an African radio station, large or small, as the the main opening topic every 3rd week. ... All of the African information that will be presented on air in 'Wavescan' throughout the year 2013 will be under the title, 'Focus on Africa', and the purpose for this year long emphasis is to encourage the development of international radio broadcasting and shortwave listening throughout the African arena."