Religious broadcaster dismantles its shortwave facility in favor of social media.

Posted: 07 Mar 2011   Print   Send a link
Christian Today, 2 Mar 2011: "A Christian media organisation has developed tools for the social web to equip Christians to naturally share their faith online. Acutely aware of the Internet age we live in, the former radio broadcaster [in 2010] dismantled its transmission site near Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory last year to exploit the exponential growth of social media. launches today to bring together a categorised array of third-party content for Christians and then proactively delivers it to them so they can share it online. ... Mike Edmiston describes CVC Network Ltd’s latest project as a 'quantum leap' for the media organisation. 'Twelve months ago we were watching the decline of our shortwave radio we’re seeing exponential growth in new media opportunities based on a drastic change of thinking,' he observes. CVC is the media arm of UK-based charity, Christian Vision, which was founded by billionaire entrepreneur Robert, Lord Edmiston, recently introduced into the British House of Lords." -- Another evangelical broadcaster, HCJB, continues shortwave operations from Australia. And CVC affiliates continue transmitting on shortwave from Chile and Zambia.